Binge Drinking is Not Manly
It's just not. It's stupid, and if you do it often enough, dates and friends alike will lose respect for you. Big guys sometimes overestimate how much they can drink because of their large stature, so watch out. You don't have to be a 5 foot 2 inch woman to die of alcohol poisoning.
Don't Be a Slob
There's no need for business attire yet, but please do your laundry more than once a semester and do something with your hair. Professors are not going to take you seriously if you look like a lint ball.
Body Image
There's this image in the media of the sexy co-ed flaunting her body during spring break. You don't need to leave up to this image--and hopefully you don't want to! Resist the pressure and don't worry about looking like a supermodel. Come to class ready to learn, regardless of how your hair long.
Don't Be a Slob
There's no need for business attire yet, but please do your laundry more than once a semester and do something with your hair. Professors are not going to take you seriously if you look like a lint ball.
College Guys choice sex friends
The average college guy usually does not realize college is the only time in his life where he will live near such a high number of single girls his age. Schools and majors vary within their ratio of girls to guys, and college guys who are education majors are the luckiest of them all. High girl to guy ratio means more girls and less competition. That is why joining a fraternity is usually a good move on campuses that are big on greek life. Fraternities interact, party, and do community service with sororities. Sororities are typically large groups of girls who want to meet guys, enough said.

College Guys Should Be Confident And Outgoing
College is a time where guys should try to really establish themselves. College guys should always be trying to meet new people, be active and build confidence. When guys come to college they get a clean slate, everything that happened in high school is in the past, now is the time to establish who you are, who you want to be and where you want to go with your life. Be active and keep the mindset that just about anything is achievable in college. If you have an idea or want to do something ask around visit your student union building and try to figure out how you can make things happen. The more people you talk to and interact with the more confident you will be the rest of your life. Confidence helps you get jobs, talk to girls and be more successful overall.
Manage your reputation: Don't burn bridges
No matter what happens, always be a gentleman because you never know who is watching. Your biggest concern is your rep. Your rep is what other people say about you when your name comes up. Some will say "he's a nice guy" some will say "he's such an @$$h0le to girls". This is very important as you get more popular, and you meet more girls. If all goes well you will reach a point in college where you will hear "I've heard about you", but as long as she stays around, that means your rep is good. If you burn your bridges and treat girls badly, it will get around and catch up to you. At that point you have c0ckb10cked yourself, and that is very bad. If you are done hooking up with a girl, or she is done hooking up with you, move on remember there are thousands of girls within a thousand feet of you. Don't talk bad about the girl, if someone asks, just say "it didn't work out". Other girls will respect that and your rep will stay clean, and girls will talk about you, the more they talk they more they wonder why all the girls are talking about this guy.
College guys must carry condoms
You MUST carry condoms at all times. You never know when you are going to meet that girl in your one class that has been eyeing you up for the past couple months and somehow you are in the right place at the right time. Don't take risks because "Somewhere between 20 and 25 percent of college students are or have been infected with an STD". That means that if four girls are sitting on a couch, one of them probably has some type of STD, so WRAP IT UP every time. For those of you college guys who don't know HPV is a STD that guys can carry and have no symptoms, so you may think you are clean, and that "one time" didn't do any damage, but that one time could cause your future wife (you haven't met her yet) to get cervical cancer. So wrap it up every time, and get tested for everything if you made a mistake. Your college health center should give free STD tests, take advantage of it.
Don't fight, your face is important, and there are girls elsewhere
Some college guys love to fight, they look forward to getting drunk and going out to pick fights. Don't be this guy. Fighting leads to a permanent record (jobs don't like this), your face getting messed up, and wasting your night with a bunch of dudes. Try to avoid fights at all costs, remember while all those guys are fighting, there are a lot of girls somewhere alone.
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