Nose Rings Jewelery
Every woman has the desire to look gorgeous. She feels delighted when somebody appreciates her style. Today, majority of women have become fashion conscious. Ornaments have always fascinated women. Jewellery, often labeled, as a woman's best friend is now available in exquisite variety. Women attire the beautiful fashionable  nose rings for that stunning look that attract men's attention.
Ring jewelry for girls
College girls prefer to go in for the stylish beaded artificial nose rings. Nose ring jewelry for girls looks hep and is also price friendly. For the bold and beautiful, there is a wide range of intricate chic earring styles primarily Paradiso, Wave, Forest, Tiger Eyes, Sapphire Sparkle, Snow Blossom and Wedding Bell. Flowers have always lured people because of their simplicity and beauty. Thus, flower designs will never be out of fashion. Elegant nose pin designs are Moon, Star, Mango, Flower with Gold Bud, Seashell and Four Flame. Bali style nose pin are the latest trend that is driving women crazy. So, women come forward and enhance your glamour with the designer and trendy jewelry. 
A nose ring is another body jewelry that you can use and wear for your face. There is nothing more elegant and spunky that a nose ring to a pretty face. There are many types and varieties available. Septum is one of the types of nose ring which is put not on the side wall of the nose rather on the middle partition of nose.Nose rings have originated in India, though these are not very compulsory to wear, women who do not want to pierce their noses use ones with the clips. Traditional ones are beautifully crafted and can over lower part of the face. Rulers on India preferred that their queens wore exorbitantly expensive ones. These were richly embedded with emeralds, rubies, diamonds, sapphires, making each one cost nothing less than a million dollars
common nose rings
There were also some common nose rings created from materials like the gold and silver. Silver was rarely used though for nose rings. In South India some of the most well known are the gold ones with diamonds encrusted. Many wear it not on one side but on both sides therefore there are two of these.No one wants a nose ring that covers half the bottom face, neither do people want to invest into diamond encrusted ones. You will find some which suit your wallet as well as your nose. You can find some absolutely fantastic and chic ones with any body jewelry shop.Nose ring should be worn regularly; some people may find that the hole simply disappears after they stopped wearing it. Indian girls found a good way of keeping the hole intact by putting in a small tiny thin bit of herbal plant called 'Tulsi' you can keep on replacing it as much as you want.


 Wearing nose rings is an ancient practice with a 4,000-year history. People have worn nose rings to adorn themselves, to participate in religious rituals and to symbolize wedded bliss. , Muslim invaders brought the practice of wearing nose rings and nose piercings to India. The ancient Indian medicinal system, Ayurveda says that the left nostril is the preferred position for the piercing as Ayurvedic medicine associates this location with the female reproductive organs.
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