Relationship Advice for College Students
Dating on a college campus can be tricky. On the one hand, college is one of the easiest times to meet potential dating partners. Between college parties, classes, campus activities, and just hanging around the dorms and campus, there's no shortage of opportunities to meet people. Indeed, many couples do find lasting relationships and even marriage when they're in college.
 On the other hand, a college campus is a stressful place where's there's often way too much drama, gossip, and alcohol. Many colleges have kind of a "small town" atmosphere where everybody knows everybody else's business, especially when it comes to relationships. This is not necessarily the best environment for a relationship to flourish.
So what can college couple do when they hope to make a serious relationship work? Here are some college relationship tips and college dating advice.
 Classes Come First
Regardless of how easy it can be to meet potential dating partners on a college campus, it's important to remember that the first priority of a college education is to get educated. A hallmark of a strong relationship is that both partners respect the other's need to spent time with other priorities, and to sometimes place these priorities before the relationship. If a partner is unwilling to accept that study nights need to come before date nights at least some of the time, this should be a red flag.
Similarly, couples need to understand that friendships come first too, or at the very least are equally important. College friendships are some of the most valuable ones people make during their lives, and these friendships will endure longer than most relationships.
Date Away From Campus
One great thing about dating on a college campus is that there are lots of fun cheap date ideas right around the block. Unfortunately, a problem with college relationships is that couples are always surrounded by the same people and the same environment, and that's not good for any relationship. It's good for college couples to take the time to have some "real world" dates away from campus. Try getting out to the movies or to a nearby city, or get away for a hometown weekend.
Avoid Campus Gossip and Campus Drama
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