Tight Jeans
There’s no avoiding them. Tight jeans are hot, so let’s deal with it. Here’s the low down on what this look strives for and some advise on how to approach it. Remember, just as lowrise jeans are not meant for everybody, skinny jeans aren’t either. I have to admit that I was skeptical about this style at first, but the more I see them, on the right bodies, the sexier and classier I find the tight jeans look to beClearly, every person has a different build and body shape. Even within every race you will usually find 5 or 6 separable body styles.
Skinny jeans
Tight jeans – or skinny jeans, as some people call them – are seen by many as the great dividing line. Women who are slim and sleek can pull off wearing tight jeans very successfully. Tight jeans require its wearer to have a near-perfect body: small waist, slim hips, flat tummy, trim thighs and long legs. This is why many women shy away from wearing tight jeans. But tight jeans are sexy jeans ...Regardless of the reasons as to why wearing tight jeans may or may not be bad, one cannot deny that the ability to fit into tight jeans can be a great confidence booster for a woman.

5 pocket jeans
In best fashion tight jeans the 5 pocket jean is standard and fance jeans and most of naughty girls ware 5 pocket jeans and this jeans style attract most of peoples.
Today's fashion retailers and / or wholesalers need to choose a rather narrow target market before they do anything else. Just the few centimeters difference in hip or upper leg measurements between and the very small Thai girls and average Russian women, could cause a very uncomfortable fit of the tight jeans for the Russian women leading to all sort of problems and possible frustrations.

sexy skinnies
What's more, you’ll find that the skinny jeans look in no way clashes with what we have discussed on our pages on “dressing for your body type”. The same principles of composition and balance apply. The slim look is being credited to the Brits, as actress Sienna Miller (now lending her name to a new line from Pepe Jeans) and model Kate Moss have been spotted with their sexy skinnies tucked in boots on several occasions. (This same look can be achieved with your older, tight fitting flared or bootcut jeans, by just tucking the bottom part of the leg into your boots, if you can live with the discomfort.) Come spring and summer, expect to see the extra tights matched with heels or sandals.

 Tight jeans look sexy
Moreover, women wearing tight jeans are instant head-turners. As mentioned above, not all women can pull off wearing tight jeans successfully. But for many people, being able to squeeze into a pair of tight jeans immediately equates to the idea of being sexy. There are even some people out there who have developed a fetish for tight jeans.
If you have the body and if you have the wish to wear tight jeans, then by all means do so. However, you have to make sure that your tight jeans really fit you. There are skinny jeans out there that are made of light and stretchable denim, and wearing tight jeans of such stretchable materials means you will be able to move comfortably and to sit without fearing that the seams of your jeans may split on you.
Also, try to avoid wearing tight jeans that are simply too tight for you. They may look great, but there is a price for wearing such tight jeans. At the very least, you will get the unsightly camel toe right on your crotch. In milder scenarios, you might get a split seam by moving too fast or too suddenly.

This new skinny look strives to be clean and minimalist, and to further enhance the long, lean silhouette ideal. So, how can you achieve this if you are not as skinny as the pants? Here are some tips: 
Buy them long, so that they bunch up at the bottom. This not only beefs up the illusion of length, but in a strange, unique way proportions the bottom of the pants to the rest of your figure, much like a bootcut pair would. Boots create the same effect when they are dark and worn on dark pants.
  • Go for higher waists
  • Dark washes are the most appropriate, with black being the most versatile for day or evening wear
  • Not all tight jeans are cut the same, so shop around a bit
  • They don’t have to be like denim “leggings” to achieve the desired look, and by all means go for stretch for added comfort
  • Go for the more relaxed straight leg version of the skinny look vs. the tapered cut
  • As far as finishes are concerned, they should be clean with minimal detailing (no rips or fraying, no excessive fades or distressing)
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