high heel shoes
One of the best things about the Internet is all of the fine merchants offering women's high heel shoes in sizes to fit the largest of feet. Visit the sites below to find elegant pumps, classy sling backs, and sexy sandals in styles to suit the tastes of all transgendered women.
The Kitten Heel
Kitten heels by definition have a thin-based, “low heel that tapers sharply to a narrow base,” according to shoe-design.com from their glossary of “Shoe Design and Footwear Definitions.” A kitten heel is usually 1.5 inches or less and is set in slightly from the back of the shoe.These cute, very feminine shoes are an alternative to ballet flats for those who are vertically challenged. Kitten heels combine comfort with a little bit of extra height and the dainty heel goes well with most outfits.

The French Heel
Many women wear these but do not necessarily know their name. Shoes with a French heel are of medium height and the shape of the heel is curved, somewhat chunkier than a Kitten heel.A French (or Louis) heel was influenced King Louis XIV of France who had high-heel shoes especially designed for him in order to increase the height of his 5ft 3 inch frame.

 The Mary Jane

A Mary Jane shoe takes you back to your school days, as it is styled after the single cross strap, round-toed, low heeled shoe that children often wore to school.Nowadays Mary Janes come in varying heights and styles, but what is distinctive about them is their rounded toe and the single or double strap that crosses the middle top of the foot.
The Mule
A mule is a slip on, backless shoe which comes in various heights and different shaped heels. The front of the toe is covered, as in a normal shoe, but the back is open.
The Pump;-The pump has become almost a generic word for shoe but officially relates to a low-cut shoe that surrounds the foot without fastenings, says Shoe-Design.com.
A d'Orsay style pump shoe has the back of the shoe cut away to reveal the arches and sides of the foot.Platforms (PLAT-formz) - Refers to a built-up sole. Platforms can either be shoes with a small, built-up sole at the ball of the foot, accompanied by a high heel, or one large platform from toe to heel. Remember those big-ass boots the guys in KISS wore? Those are platforms. Rock on! (Insert appropriate devil-horns hand gesture here.)
Wedge (WEDJ) - This is not just a golf club, gentlemen, but a type of sole that starts out low under the front of the foot and rises, ramp-like, toward the heel, elevating the wearer on a wedge shape rather than on a distinct heel. Traditional wedges are flat at the ball of the foot, but there are also platform wedges. Where KISS had dragon's heads and whatnot, ladies' platform wedges are usually decorated with cork or jute.
Slides (SLYDZ) - Slides are flats that have a single arch of leather or fabric across the forepart of the shoe, into which the wearer can slide her foot. Can be open-toed or closed-toed, like those floppy slippers your mom wears on the cold bathroom floor.Women Heel Shoes,Women Heel Shoes,high heel shoes,French Heel,Kitten Heel,Women Fashion
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