Trendy American hair
African American hair is versatile for wearing natural hair, more natural hairstylist are setting up hair salons to meet the demand for black hair care. The following guide will give you some options on what you can do for hair care and hairstyling tips.When deciding on a natural hairstyle the first thing you will need to consider is what type of lifestyle do you lead, is it an active one. Time will be an issue so you must pick a natural hairstyle that will be easy to maintain. Quick and easy low maintenance natural hairstyles that will not require lots of your time is going to be your most important priority.
A medium length haircut is considered from just below the jawline to several inches just past the collar bone. A medium length hairstyle is perfect for those who prefer length but do not care for the maintenance of long hair.
A medium hairstyle can still be feminine, flirty and sophisticated, especially when you add layers. When adding layers to any length of hair always have your stylist help tailor the layers to best suit your features.In order to keep a layered medium hairstyle looking its best you’ll want to get a trim every 8 weeks or sooner.
American Curly Hairstyles
Both straight and curly long hair looks offer many different hairstyle opportunities. Wearing the hair down is a simple yet sophisticated look, while a nice bun would look great for an office atmosphere. Beautiful prom looks can be achieved for those with long hair, as well as those hitting the club on Friday night. Having long hair gives you the chance to style in almost any way you can think of, making it possible to look your best every day of the week. You can go straight or curly, up or down. You can put it all up or choose to leave some down. No matter what you choose to do with your long hair, you can make a look work for almost any situation you can think of.
. The 2009 spring hairstyles including the always fashion angled bob, the crop haircut, pixie cuts, fringe bangs style , natural layers, and wavy hair. Here are some pictures of the best short trendy hairstyles for all spring 2009 for women.After both Victoria and Katie Holmes had their short haircut, the people in world now start to look at short haircut, be it bob, pixie or simple short. But it is important to take the length, cut, and texture of your looks into consideration if you are seriously consider a short haircut. So let see how many styles you can have with short hair cut.A lot of women have short hairstyles. Hot celebrities demonstrate theirs beauty hairstyles on these pics.You can safe more interesting pic on you PC and come to your hairdresser to do it.

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American Long Blonde Hairstyles
.The Latest long Black Hairstyles and hair trends for black women. Some of the latest long black hairstyles include straight across bangs, wavy and tight curls which are great for summer days. You can add some braids or twists in the front to create a whole new look. Keep it simple for the summer by adding a sexy and tight bun updo. Short bobs which you can add curls to get some extra spice, or keep it straight for a high fashion stunning look. Short and sexy pixie haircuts are also a hot new trend like Angela Bassett’s new look they you may want to try.
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