This teenage girl is boasting a retro look with 1980s-style blazer and shorts. The beret and scarf add a jaunty touch to her energetic look that would look right at home on a fashion runway. Summer 2007 fashion seems like it’s all about legs – 60’s mod minidresses, cut off shorts and tiny skirts are everywhere, paired with the highest heels imaginable. The look is fearless, fun, and in-your-face sexy.
 Short Shorts
Great for gals with slim legs and hips and no cellulite! Just remember that location and occasion are every bit as important to making the right choice in outfit. Never wear short denim shorts or cut-off denim shorts to work. Women with wider hips and thicker thighs will tend to look shorter and wider with short shorts.
Classic Shorts
These are shorts that end at about mid-thigh. This is the most generally flattering style, especially if the cut (shape or line) of the short is the same as the line of your legs. The simpler the style and the hem, the better.
 Relaxed Shorts
The right choice if you are a bit curvier, just avoid shorts that end right at knee level. The fabric used for this cut is usually softer, so that it drapes well. Relaxed shorts convey a casual look, and are generally appropriate for exercising or sports, not for the office.
Bermuda Shorts
No longer just for the beach! Bermuda shorts can be dressed down or up, and have become a staple in many fashionista’s wardrobes. They commonly end two or three inches above the knee, and thus tend to make your legs look shorter and heavier.
Look Sexy
Whatever your choice, shorts are a great, hot item for this summer, and, if your figure is right for the option, short denim shorts and stylish and sexy Mini Skirts. Mini Skirts have been a hot, yet refreshing, item for many years. With summer temperatures rising more each year and the number of sunny days increasing, there really is no other garment that provides more comfort for a women, than a miniskirt does.Based of the production costs and materials, a short mini skirt or hotpants is the cheapest item any denim garments manufacturer can produce, next to denim wallets.


However, if your boss is not the one to tolerate your coming to work looking like you’re missing one important piece of your daily wardrobe, then there’s always the option of wearing such shorts on a night out. Paired with a sequined top, with no clear cut (asymmetry is ideal for this type of look), ankle boots, oversized accessories and a chic hat tilted to one side, designers seem to say, you will certainly be the hottest woman of the night.
Of course, as noted above, it takes a certain type of body to pull this look off, and this is precisely the one thing that designers seem to have forgotten. These shorts look amazing on the catwalk, but few are actually the women who have the same size as the models that don them. Other than the fact that the legs must be perfect in all respects (from their shape to the nasty issue of having cellulite), we might as well mention that it takes a lot of nerve and confidence to step out wearing one such piece.
Try wearing your supershort mini skirts under long babydoll tops that are too short to be dresses by themselves. This creates almost a new type of dress and a very cute and modern look.Summer 2009 will be all about daring outfits and about donning them proudly, if we’re to listen to what fashion designers are telling us. To do that, a pair of short shorts is a must in every woman’s wardrobe, of course, granted she has the right figure to pull such a bold piece off without looking ridiculous.
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