If you are taking a free-style grappling class you’ll be able to wear a rash guard & shorts. Rash guards are good because they stay on. A rash guard is a spandex dry-fit type t-shirt. If you’re shy about grappling in a spandex shirt, wear a t-shirt over it. Keep in mind that the t-shirt alone will not keep you covered. A tank top will not stay in place. To be extra safe be sure to wear a sports bra tank underneath because even the rash guards can occasionally fail you.
Shorts- I recommend board shorts. There‘s a lot of good brands out there. The ones made for grappling have stretch in them so you can move easier. Wear spandex shorts underneath. Once you start moving your pant legs crawl up.
Fashion Tips For Short Teenage Girls
Even if you’re not supermodel tall, you can still wear the latest teen fashions and look great. Short teen girls have some advantages in the fashion world. You can only add some much length to a pair of pants or a skirt by letting down the hemline, but you can take up a pair of pants as much as you need to get a perfect fit. If you are a shorter girl, your goal is most likely to give the illusion of length. This can be done by tricking the eye using clever fashion techniques. Here are some of the best fashion tips for you short girls:

1. Lengthen the line of your body with monochromatic colors.
If you wear a different color on top than you do on the bottom, you tend to cut your body in half visually which makes you look shorter. This is particularly true if one color is light and the other dark. Instead try wearing a monochromatic outfit in a single shade of shirt and pants or shirt and skirt. This creates a long, lean line that adds the illusion of height to your figure.
2. Wear dark colors.
Dark colors, particularly if monochromatic, add the illusion of height. A black top and slim black pants or jeans with some carefully chosen accessories gives a long, lean sophisticated line that’s perfect for a variety of occasions. Dark colors will also make you look slimmer.
3. Avoid shorter, flared pants and Capri pants.
You’ll appear to be taller if you wear a pants or jeans length that covers the shoe. Capri pants can also break your height and make your appear shorter. Straight pants are most flattering to a shorter figure. Avoid flared pants legs if you want to appear taller.
4. Wear higher waisted pants and skirts for maximum height.
High waisted pants can add the illusion of height and greater leg length. Avoid hip pant styles if you’re shorter in stature.
5. Choose a thinner belt.
Thick, bulky belts tend to cut the length of your body. Opt for a thinner belt if you wear one at all. Also avoid belts in a color that contrasts with the shade of your outfit or one that has too much decorative detailing. Short girls want to maintain a clean, simple line. You will appear taller 
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