Exfoliating facial scrub

Like all living things, our cells grow, age and die - and for this reason a regular exfoliating scrub should be done, to remove dead skin cells. Doing this will help you achieve a more vital, youthful looking skin. But in saying this, please note that we do not advocate the unchecked scrubbing of the skin, as excessive exfoliation can have a negative impact on your skin.

Benefits of using our Exfoliating Facial Scrub 

Our Rejuvenating Facial Scrub will help to effectively remove the dead skin cells on the surface of your skin, to let a more radiant skin through, while at the same time assisting the newly exposed skin to function better. It will remove the dullness of congestion, and will also help to refine the skin texture and by doing so, help to reduce the size of the pores naturally.Apart from all of the above benefits, we, unlike other cosmetic manufacturers, include active ingredients in our Exfoliating Facial Scrub, to further boost your skin health and in so doing help you to have a healthy glowing skin.
Although a face scrub has many benefits, please keep to the recommended use as listed below, as over-exfoliation will not hasten the process toward a better skin. It is not a case of the more often the better - skin exfoliation is important but must be done correctly and in such a way and at such a frequency as to aid the skin and not to stress the skin.

 Directions for Use

Apply 1-2 pumps to the palms, dilute with a small amount of water, press the cream thoroughly all over the face and neck. Take care around the eye area. Do not rub as this can stretch the skin. Rinse off with water.
These scrubs are a true pleasure and a luxury your face CANNOT do without. They leave your skin feeling very silky smooth. All of our facial scrubs are 100% Natural and Organic where available. To avoid having to use a damaging preservative, we package our facial scrubs dry. This means that you will add the liquid of choice. We recommend using purified water for Oily Skin, Milk for Normal Skin and Cream for Dry Skin. Add 2 teaspoons of liquid best suited for your skin type per tablespoon of scrub until it forms a spreadable paste. You can add more or less liquid to your liking! Let synergize for 1 minute before applying to face and throat. Every facial scrub can also double as a FACIAL MASK. Simply apply, let dry for 20 minutes and rinse away!
Be very gentle when using any product on your face. The facial tissue is the most delicate of all. Let our scrubs do all the work and also avoid the delicate eye area. Unlike our salt and sugar BODY scrubs where a loofa or brush is used to exfoliate, use only the gentle touch of your fingers to massage and work this scrub into the skin. Follow the directions listed for each scrub and enjoy your beautiful, rejuvenated skin. As with ANY scrub, follow with a good moisturizng cream. 
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 Polish away dullness for a radiant, extra soft complexion using this gentle organic scrub for all skin types. The granular paste combines natural exfoliating ingredients with a powerful blend of antioxidants to regenerate cells and clarify skin. Organic adzuki beans and cranberry seeds are blended with organic shea butter, sweet almond oil and organic evening primrose oil to cleanse away dead skin cells while hydrating. A unique infusion of organic essential oils including blood orange, carrot seed, palmarosa and geranium provide protection to skin cells from environmental damage while brightening and renewing. Packaged in a plantable carton imbedded with organic seeds. Has a geranium and adzuki bean scent.Pangea has created new packaging that is plantable! Simply soak the boxfor one minute and plant it about 1" deep in soil. In just a few weeks, you will be enjoying edible, sweet basil.
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