Girls Fashion Jewelry

Women are simply crazy about ornaments. Infact, the best way to boost up the mood of romance is no doubt the sparkling jewels. There is a wide option you can choose from while shopping for your someone special. The large ambit of Indian girl fashion jewelry includes varied types of trendy lady fashion jewelry. The best part about imitation jewelry is that it is highly pocket friendly.

Fashion Necklaces
A fashion necklace or one of our jewelry sets is an easy way to take your outfit to the next level. Try a celebrity necklace, inspired by red carpet looks, like the long fashion necklaces seen on Paris Hilton and Mischa Barton, or a natural shell necklace for a laid-back day seaside. Fashion Necklace

 Handmade Gem Stone Jewelry

If you have always wanted gorgeous handmade gem stone jewelry you are not alone, all girls love the look and feel of well designed jewelry. Lucky for you, you have come to the right place and here you will find a large selection of gemstone jewelry in a variety of styles and prices. If after browsing through the site you don’t see the exact piece you are looking for, contact us, and let us custom design it just for you. Our website offers finely crafted jewelry, in fact we guarantee it.
Designer Handmade Jewelry
When searching for high-end fashion designer handmade jewelry at the department stores, are you disappointed by the fact that most of the jewelry is mass produced? You won’t be the only one wearing that piece of jewelry.
You won’t be the only one wearing that piece of jewelry.If you want to purchase designer handmade beaded jewelry, most of which is one of a kind design, explore our website, here at Girlie Girls Jewelry Studio! We create a variety of gorgeous designs that women love. We would know, we are mother and daughter jewelry designers, and we create designer handmade beaded jewelry by women for women. No matter what fashion statement you are trying to achiev. 

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Bead Jewelry Design & Beaded Fashion Jewelry
Jewelry is one of the oldest forms of body adornment; recently found 100,000 year-old beads made from Nassarius shells are thought to be the oldest known form of bead jewelry design. The first pieces of jewelry were made from natural materials, such as bone, animal teeth, shell, wood, and carved stone. As far back as the Stone Age, people made jewelry in their cave dwellings, they fashioned amulets and necklaces of teeth and animal bones. Although some of these probably were worn as adornments, others may have been used to ward off perceived dangers and harmful spirits. In some instances, today’s beaded fashion jewelry is still used to help heal. For example, our Awareness Bracelets use “healing stones” whose properties are said to help alleviate symptoms.
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