Boyfriend jeans
Don't you know how did she bring this fashion apparel into action when she came out flaunting a pair of jeans with its bottom turned up. Everyone suspected it to have been borrowed from Tom Cruise. Thus this jeans got a bizarre name “boyfriend jeans.”
Talking about the history apart, one thing is pretty much sure that this boyfriend jeans has won a cult status among fashionable women. And no wonder why we see everyone having this jeans in her wardrobe.
Boyfriend jeans Season
However, you have to be a bit careful and strategic before you wear a boyfriend jeans, otherwise you may see the number of your admirers going down.
This season, fashion isn’t only about wearing stuff from your own closet. One of the hottest trends involves stealing.. from a guy’s wardrobe. That’s right – menswear-inspired fashion is hot for Spring 2011, evidenced by the recent popularity of boyfriend jeans.This season, fashion isn’t only about wearing stuff from your own close
Choice a shade
If you own a slim and athletic figure, any shade of brown or gray will be too perfect for you. You may think of to wear a black one too, only if you love red tops.
Fitting Footwear
 Though almost all the fashion footwear suit nicely with boyfriends, high heels and pumps are most befitting. As boyfriend jeans trend to give you a masculine touch, thus such footwear preserve your femininity.hat’s right – menswear-inspired fashion is hot for Spring 2011, evidenced by the recent popularity of boyfriend jeans
Boyfriend Tight Tops 
Always wear tight tops with such jeans. Especially, a t-shirt must have to be tighter one. It balances a boyfriend jeans perfectly, revealing your feminine touch. A tank top is the best match as it makes the waistline visible.
Loose but Not Wide : Such jeans are necessarily loose, but no way they have to be wide legged. A wide legged looks out of fashion if the bottom is turned up. Also make sure that it fits well on your hips.

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Sexy Boyfriend Jeans
Obviously, boyfriend jeans are comfortable and relaxed. They may not be the most sexy pair of jeans in your closet, but they’re great for going to class or lounging in the dorms. Boyfriend jeans give off an effortlessly cool vibe no matter what you’re doing. Plus, they give you ample breathing and eating room–their baggy fit promises to never ever create a muffin top.
For the most part, boyfriend jeans look pretty cute when paired with flats and flat sandals, AND, when worn with the right top, they can look almost chic with heels. Hard to believe, I know. Finally, since boyfriend jeans are the newest “it” item, they can be found at any price range and in tons of stores from Old Navy to J.Crew to Nordstrom.
Boyfriend Jeans are so called because their loose, baggy cut makes them look like you nabbed them from the man in your life.Boyfriend Jeans ooze effortless style and look good with boots or teamed with killer heels.Boyfriend Jeans are comfortably broken-in to feel like you've worn them for years.The Boyfriend Jean is much less demanding than the Skinny Jean and can be very flattering.Wear a long, wide-legged pair with heels, for instance, and you will create a flattering, elongated silhouette.Choose a pair that looks good on your bum; make them loose but make sure they also make the posterior look pert!If you're curvier than the average and find it very difficult to get jeans that are cut generously enough around the thighs and bum, then Boyfriend Jeans could well be your saviour.Boyfriend Jeans are cut a bit looser than most jeans so they'll skim your curves rather than clinging to them.A Boyfriend Jeans style with a baggy, straight leg, will suit pretty much everyone - worn low these can be very sexy! 
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